Keeping an Eye on Settlements.
From Space.

Ship on a waterway

Keeping an eye on Surface Water

The gradual or sudden appearance of temporary water bodies can be either a blessing or a curse. Regardless of perspective - it's necessary to keep track of their boundaries and extents to understand the changing dynamics in order to react and take action accordingly. At ubicube we use satellite imagery to monitor and track surface water bodies at various levels of detail and update frequencies.

Construction site

Keeping an eye on Buildings

With the current pace of real-estate development globally, it's almost as if new buildings are shooting out of the ground right before our eyes. With ubicubes technology we are capable of detecting building structures, monitoring their change over time and eventually predicting future developments of settlements.

People in a cafe

Keeping an eye on Urban Dwellers

Urban areas are highly dynamic and heterogeneous environments with diverse populations inhabiting them. It is fascinating how inner-urban areas develop over time and - depending on their physical and social composition - attract specific groups of people. The ubicube team is developing a technology to map and predict spatial patterns of socio-economic and demographic indicators at unprecedented levels of detail and timeliness.

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